KT Chaloner


KT Chaloner has designed the finest weight loss school around to deliver results that lasts. Proven results are showing Graduates are losing between 7-19lbs during their first eight week term and now you can too. Ditch the diet cycle and finally get weight loss results that last with KT Chaloner.  Watch the video for more information and then join Skinny Jeans School Now!


Jayne Moss

I started Skinny Jeans School at 11st 7lbs and at 5ft 7 I was really wanting to lose half a stone. Even with Christmas in the middle I got on the scales at the end of the 8 weeks and was 10st 13 and felt amazing. The weight loss was great, but I looked firmer and toned and like I’d lost much more than 1/2 stone. I love Skinny Jeans School

Jayne Moss – 8lbs lighter!

Skinny Jeans School

“I had tried all the diets under the sun! Whether it was ‘counting syns’, liquid meals, green and red days, no carb, high carb, low carb, the list is endless.  I saw Skinny Jeans School and thought I try another fad diet.  How wrong was I?  The programme teaches you all about nutrition and exercise and am happy to say that I am now nearly 2 stone lighter and have kept it off.  Also, more importantly my BP has reduced from dangerously high to normal levels.  KT gives you the support and tools to succeed, along with the other girls in the group, it is an enjoyable and fun way to making lifelong changes.   I can honestly say that KT has changed my life.”

Fiona Foster -24lbs lighter!